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Chromotherapy or 
Color therapy/ 
Light therapy
uses colors of the visible spectrum to assist the body in healing itself--mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. 


BIO-ACOUSTIC THERAPY--The science of using sound frequencies to assist your body with a tune-up.  

A well-tuned body is like a well-oiled and properly maintained machine.  It just works a lot better. It runs cooler.  It operates more efficiently.   It's happier.
Imagine a piano with several keys out of tune, and you are trying to play a good old familiar song.  Every chord is just off.  Your ears can tell--OUCH!  It hurts to even imagine listening to that.

Our bodies are like that piano.  Every cell, organ, muscle, or bone has a proper frequency--a sound that we cannot always hear, but we can measure.  And when all of our parts are well-tuned, the body can do a better job of keeping us fit and healthy mentally, physically, and emotionally. 

Here is how we do this.  We record your voice.  We can detect the sound corrections that will benefit you by evaluating your recorded Voice Profile for sounds/frequencies that are too low or too high or missing altogether.  We listen to your voice and your voice shows what you feel, how you feel and (sometimes more importantly) what you are not feeling.  Analyzing the vocal print lets us identify the imbalance in your voice that reflects the imbalances in your life...perhaps those you are not even aware of. 

Let us provide the 'missing notes' in your life using this unique therapy.  
Let us tune up the 'out of tune notes' in your life using this unique therapy.  

Experience how your body balance itself naturally when it is properly tuned. Notice how your body operates more efficiently.  Now your body can reduce pain, have more stamina, rest more completely.  Enjoy the sound of wellness in your voice.

Feel better, think better, be better! 

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